I was born in New England and have pretty much lived in New England for my entire life (minus a few years in high school).

Throughout my career, I’ve done a lot of things, although I always loved to read and I still love stories in any medium (books, movies, video games, etc.).

When I’m not writing, I can generally be found reading classic literature, obsessing over Game of Thrones (100% Team Lannister), playing Xbox, organizing my comic collection, or binge-watching baking competitions.

I continue to live in New England with my husband and our two cats.


What inspired I Stop Somewhere?

At the end of the novel, I made a note of this, but essentially, it stemmed from anger. I’ve spent most of my life not being able to express certain things, and the trauma associated with those things, combined with the nature of the news cycle and a general cultural dismissal of certain perspectives as being “too dark” or “too hard to talk about,” made me need to write it all down. It’s not easy to be uncomfortable, but rape will never be comfortable. No one is disposable, and no one’s story should be, either.

I STOP SOMEWHERE is all about Ellie. Are there other stories about the other characters, like Kate or Caleb?

While I have a full background for each character in my head, I feel strongly that this is Ellie’s story, and we don’t need anyone else’s story diluting hers. She wasn’t heard her whole life and we don’t need to take that away from her now. As far as Caleb, I think people like Caleb have enough of the spotlight in our society as it is. I don’t have any interest in adding to that.

What’s next?

My next title is ALL WE COULD HAVE BEEN. It’s also dark, but not as dark? But it still gets to the heart of things we tend to push aside because we don’t want to discuss them. There are things we can’t keep ignoring just because they’re hard to face.

How can I reach you?

To reach me, I can be contacted via email at tecarterbooks@gmail.com. I’m currently not using social media.

Snail mail can be sent through ECLA at their mailing address:

718 Griffin St, #195
Enumclaw, WA 98022

For questions regarding rights, you can contact my agent, Mandy Hubbard, at Emerald City Literary Agency. Foreign rights are handled by the Taryn Fagerness Agency.