I tend to be an extremely private person, and it’s very hard for me to interact much with people. As a result, I’ve made the decision to stop using social media for at least the time being. That said, my book just came out and I realized I had that news and this blog, so I am going to try to write monthly updates here just as a means of staying connected.

With that in mind, I STOP SOMEWHERE is out in North America! It’s available in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. It will be released April 19 in the UK as well.

I did just receive an update from the UK team, too, who shared my book with Laura Bates, founder and author of EVERYDAY SEXISM. She had this to say: “This is a haunting and beautiful novel that explores the urgent issue of sexual violence with depth, empathy and devastating anger. Searingly written, it leaps off the page and grabs you by the throat. A love letter to a generation of women who have been taught that they have no choice but to keep quiet and put up with abuse, its message sings out to survivors everywhere and urges everybody else to start listening.”

I’m beyond honored by her kind words. It was a tough book to write, and I recognize it can be a hard book to read. I’ve always handled the darkest moments of my life by finding comfort in stories that dug at the hard truths of life, simply because they made me feel less alone. Ideally, there’s some sense of hope in the story that there are still beautiful things in the world, but there should also be a realistic look at the fact that sometimes, burdens are placed unnecessarily and disproportionately on certain people.

On a personal note, I am in the middle of moving, so things have been chaotic here. It’s been somewhat challenging to even think about book stuff in the midst of this. Hopefully it will start to calm down in the coming weeks, but the weather hasn’t been helping!

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