It’s Nearly Fall!

It’s nearly fall and I’ve been lax about updating. I tried to take more time to myself this summer than I usually do, which was a nice break.

On the book news front… there isn’t much! I will be taking part in Barnes and Noble’s 2nd B-Fest event this weekend, participating in a panel discussion with local writers in Millbury, MA. Beyond that, it’s still technically summer and we’re still a few months out from I STOP SOMEWHERE’s release. Hopefully by my next update, though, we will have some more news to share.

I did write a guest post a little while back for YA Interrobang about trauma in YA fiction. The world is often such a dark and overwhelming place that sometimes, when I’m asked how I can read and write dark things, I don’t always have the answer. But I do strongly believe that finding one’s voice, even in the darkest times, is crucial.