Updates and News

It’s summer, so things are in that weird state of limbo right now. For me, I find it odd to be working on three titles essentially and yet it seems like nothing is happening!

Early this fall, we’ll be starting efforts to market I STOP SOMEWHERE and I’m really excited for people to start reading it! This book obviously means the world to me and I am ready for it to make its way to readers.

Also, this fall, I’ll be starting revisions on ALL WE COULD HAVE BEEN. It’s funny because I finished the novel a while ago and I’m looking forward to digging into it with a fresh perspective after so much time away.

And finally, I’m working on the third title, which is tentatively planned for release in 2020. Right now, the working title is PROVOKE THE SILENT DUST, but we will see what happens once it’s actually done. I’m hoping to have this drafted by the end of the summer – which is probably a lofty goal.