A Real Book!

It’s amazing to say this, but I STOP SOMEWHERE is a real book! From signing with Mandy Hubbard at ECLA in March 2016 to getting the deal with Feiwel & Friends three weeks later, it’s all been a whirlwind – and then the waiting happened!

First, we moved the book from a Fall 2017 release to Winter 2018. Then came editing and revisions, so lots has been happening behind the scenes. But it does feel like it was a lot of noise and then… nothing. Well, there was the UK deal and the cover, but mostly, it’s been happening behind the scenes.

Yesterday, these beauties (advance readers’ editions) appeared on my porch and it’s REAL! We’re still a ways out from 2/27/18 but I STOP SOMEWHERE is heading out into the world now. I’m both excited and terrified to see it on its way into readers’ hands!!


Edited: I originally said March of 2015, but it was March of 2016 (it just feels like we’ve been working on it for two years!!)