What a Year!

Well, 2016 will certainly go down in the record books for a lot of the wrong reasons, but the last year has had several personal high moments.

Today marks my one-year anniversary of signing with Mandy Hubbard at ECLA and SO much has happened in that year!

Three weeks after signing, we agreed to a book deal with Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan for I STOP SOMEWHERE. It’s in its last stages towards becoming a real book now and is expected for release in early 2018!!

I also attended Camp ECLA this past fall, which was a big deal for me since I’m extremely introverted and meeting new people terrifies me. It was a nice break from everything, though, and in addition to meeting awesome writers and agents, I also got my first round of revisions done on the novel!

Revisions are now done and we still have copyedits and I don’t have a cover yet, but that’s all coming. Plus, I have some really exciting news to share as soon as I can!

What a year – and I look forward to the next one!